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Drastic changes in working scenario have resulted in changes in movie theaters resulting in birth of multiplex with multiple screens normally three or more. These multiplex are found in specially designed malls or buildings.

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Satyam Cinemas

Satyam Cinemas was first opened in early 1980’s at Patel Nagar, New Delhi. However, due to changes in technology it was renovated in 2002 to 4 screen multiplex. Later on in 2004 Satyam Cinemas theater opened another 4 screen multiplex at Janak Place in West Delhi. In 2007 Satyam Cinemas had opened another 4 screen multiplex in South Delhi and in 2009 five screen multiplex in Indore. They are gradually expanding their multiplexes in various parts of India. They are planning to have around 100 multiplexes in different parts of India by 2012. Sathyam Cinemas is also operating in Chennai and attracts a lot many people from the city.

In Chennai, Sathyam Cinemas is the hottest entertainment destination for movie goers. Sathyam Cinemas has been always striving to use latest entertainment technology for the people. It was the first one in India to introduced 2K digital projection technology with brand RDX. They also introduced digital 3D in RDX and are working continuously in implementing new entertainment technology. Sathyam Cinemas has collaborated with Think Music and is distributed Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam film sound tracks via digital media. Sathyam Cinemas has spread its wings and reaching new heights by getting into production of good quality cinema. Sathyam Cinemas is aiming towards film exhibition and expanding its network in Southern India. The company has shown a great growth.

Sathyam Cinema is a major attraction for students, professionals and residents throughout the week. There is plenty of parking spaces available for the movie goers. Many advertisers find Sathyam cinema’s parking space as an ideal place to advertise their products. It is the ideal advertising destination for the marketing.  Sathyam Cinemas also has an in-house bakery with a specialist chef who prepares delicious and mouth-watering snacks and desserts for all the people who come there to watch movies.

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